Lead by industry stalwarts and visionaries

We are a team of 100+ enthusiastic, talented and passionate individuals, working towards our vision. We acquire rich understanding from the current industry practices and personal experiences. Coupled with out-of-the-box thoughts and world class qualifications, we as a team, are striving to offer an uncompromising, never before seen and multi-dimensional user experience.

Our team includes (but is not limited to) professionals such as managers, engineers and data scientists from India’s leading universities and business schools such as IITs, BITS-Pilani, NITs IISc & ISB and many of the kind.


Brain behind FPTS
Sridhar Gorantla,
Founder & Partner, FP Tech Science Pvt. Ltd.
An entrepreneur, Mr. Sridhar Gorantla owns more than 17+ years of hands-on expertise in business intelligence, investment strategy, start-ups, e-commerce, payments, consumer financing, analytics, digital marketing technologies, credit, policy, fraud, e-wallet, collections, business & CS operations. He is also the co-founder and director of Innovations East Ltd. In addition, he rendered his valuable contributions while functioning in pivotal roles with corporates such as eBay, PayPal, SCB and GE.

Our team


Our environ of trusted partners’ support and cooperation makes it achievable, the so-called impossible. They are helping us in accomplishing our comprehensive goal of delivering the best of e-commerce system. We use Amazon Web Services cloud environment to build secure and scalable applications for web, social media applications and other backend platforms. With Oracle as our partner, we are able to implement different services like marketing and customer service, ERP tech stack etc. Adobe Analytics is helping us in creating a holistic view of business activities by transforming user interactions into insights for optimizing website as well as marketing campaigns.

Our Culture

We believe in leadership over managership and nurture those individuals who have a quest for knowledge, willing to learn and who are passionate to leave their footprints in the e-commerce industry via FP Tech Science.

We encourage employees towards working across teams. This, we believe, will ensure a holistic experience. Our culture is proven to foster everyone’s learning and help incorporate ideas from the best of the thoughts and the best in the industry.

At FP Tech Science, integrity and diverse work environment is of utmost importance. Work-life balance never goes for toss here. Hardworking employees sound good, but we also make sure to give fun and frolic environ to our people. Our goal is to bring effective learning and creative activities to the floor simultaneously.

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