MySQL/Mongodb Database Administrator

MySQL/Mongodb Database Administrator

We are looking for MySQL/Mongodb Database Administrator to join our Application Engineering team based out of Bangalore. The team’s focus is to develop high-quality scalable web applications based on detailed application requirements. As Database Administrator, you will closely work with technical architects and functional consultants.

• Strong knowledge in MySQL DB administration having 4-7 years hands on experience
• Support MySQL databases for production and development
• Participate in large, complex database/ application deployment, migration, patching,consolidation and upgrade projects
• Setup and monitor backups; implement and test recovery techniques; diagnose and fix performance issues
• Good Knowledge of Innodb ,MyIsam, NDB storage engine
• Strong knowledge in physical database design concepts
• Strong knowledge in high availability configuration on databases with Master- Slave and Master- Master replication
• Experience with performance optimization(server/ query tuning)
• Good scripting knowledge in shell scripts
• Good to have experience with writing StoredProcedures,triggers and events
• Experience with Percona toolkit

• Proficient in use of NoSQL database in high availability and fault tolerance environment(MongoDB / Cassandra)
• Strong knowledge in Mongo DB having 3-4 years hands on experience
• Experience with managing and monitoring large scale mongo databases
• Good experience with Mongo ReplicaSet
• Good experience with Mongo sharing
• Experience with Mongo Upgrades

Good to Have
• Cloud platforms like AWS and their services for data and analytics
• Desirable to have good understanding in infrastructure architecture
• Good to have knowledge in managing HDFS, Hive environment
• Knowledge of monitoring tools like Nagios

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MySQL/Mongodb Database Administrator
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