Employee Award Ceremony – June 2018

FP Science Tech

FP Science Tech

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Excellence, tempered by balance, is a commitment of using our abilities to attain our dreams and missions through vision, dedication and determination.

As an ongoing effort to recognize commitment & efforts of our employees we showcase talent during our R&R. The awards are categorized as below:

PAT Awards: Given to those employees who not only work with full zeal but also lend helping hands to their colleagues.

Star Awards: Given to those employees who work exceptionally well and go beyond their limits in accomplishing their deliverables.

Following are the awardees:

PAT Awards

Sushmitha Munisif (Assistant Software Engineer)

Mohan Natraj Palanivel (SDE – 1)

Pranoy K (Product Analyst)

Sowmya DR (QA Engineer)

Star Awards

Vinoth Thirumalai (UX/UI Designer)

Probodh Hend (SDE – 1)

Sagar Talla (SDE – 2)


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