We create vision, articulate it, passionately own it and relentlessly drive it to competition.

Our systems are build from the ground to provide unmatched performance and fast teamwork

Our app will not only guide you for the best digital marketing strategy but will also automate it for you

We will give you powerful dashboard to track your progress and know the place you need to work on

What we offer

FP Tech Science has embarked to build next generation e-commerce platform. The vision is to establish a flawless e-commerce manifesto along with all the support systems to cater to the fastest growing e-commerce markets across the globe. The company aims to launch its products in MENA.

Our Partners
Boost our Success

Our environ of trusted partners’ support and cooperation makes it achievable, the so-called impossible.


The next big thing in technology is here

Rich Catalog

Millions of SKU’s


Transforming search using AI and ML for text, image and voice based search

Data Science

Building user segmentation for intelligent results

Community Driven

Customer & partner first approach

Multi-category Platform

Unique destination for fashion, lifestyle and electronics

Customized Product

Developing in-house product to give customers an edge

Excellence Oriented

World class system with unique user journey

Shipping & Logistics

Fast shipping and location based pricing across Middle east.

Multi-lingual support

Connect with us in your local language.

Leadership Message

“Good leadership requires strength of character and a firm commitment to do the right thing, at the right time.”

The foundation of FP Tech Science is laid on the quality and integrity of work accomplished by its employees. Thanking each single talent within the organization for the kind of collaboration and efforts put up by them.

We are working towards achieving our mission and our launch in MENA in 2019. This calls for us to create a robust platform capable of delivering consistent growth under any circumstances. We should remain focused on the strategies we have in place to realize our targeted goal.

We should seek to deliver a better future as a trusted partner to our customers incorporating the values of entrepreneurial leadership, teamwork and integrity. Our commitment and dedication towards our customers must never change. We should have an unquenchable desire and enthusiasm to go beyond what we’ve learned and achieved so far.

At FP Tech Science, we dare to think out of the box. As a leader, I firmly believe in strengthening the employees to excellence.

Our Team

We are a team of 100+ enthusiastic, talented and passionate individuals, working towards our vision.

Coupled with out-of-the-box thoughts and world class qualifications, we as a team, are striving to offer an uncompromising, never before seen and multi-dimensional user experience.

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